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Ive been collecting Autographs for some years now 3 months ago my partner paid for a membership to the UACC it was paid through PayPal just over a month later we still hadn't received anything to confirm membership no email no membership pack absolutely nothing so i sent them a email to inquire about the payment and membership with no reply so a week later i sent another email this one i got a reply from a Al Whitnebert who stated they received no payment and asked for proof witch I provided about a day later Al Whitnebert accepted i had paid and was sending me out a membership pack happy days or so I thought so around 5 weeks went by with again nothing no email no membership pack so i sent email after email with no reply so i bought another membership with my credit card all went through fine and again another month went by with absolutely nothing no confirmation no membership pack so 2 days ago I emailed Al Whitnebert again stating my position ive paid for 2 memberships with no email confirmation membership pack nothing with 2 attachments both screen shots of the transaction and amazingly Al Whitnebert replied in good time imagine my surprise wen I opened the email to find the biggest text ive ever seen in a email telling me to give my PayPal details he will issue a refund for the PayPal transaction and that I was no longer a member of the UACC i was quite surprised to find i was a member ive added a photo of Al Whitnebert email to me absolutely no apology no offer to sort out the problem so i sent a reply stating i didn't want a refund i wanted the membership i find it unbelievable that Al Whitnebert is basically having a go at me for something he or the UACC should have sorted out months ago there failed to do there job twice to separate occasions 2 different payment methods ive since send Al Whitnebert 3 emails stating i want the membership ive paid double the money for and now im back to getting no reply its a absolute joke my advice don't buy a membership if you don't want to lose your money honestly i don't think there in any kind of position to call anybody out for scaming selling fakes or anything they have basically scamed me twice now

Product or Service Mentioned: Universal Autograph Collectors Club Membership.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.



Do you realize that your entire post has no punctuation, capitalization or paragraphs at all? It makes it not worth wading through.

Try getting a 3rd grader to help and redo it.


Universal Autograph Collectors Club in West Covina, California - Things to look for when buying.

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What Karl2014 says is very true. There have even been cases with PSA/DNA making "mistakes" with corrupt individuals passing things as authentic for "friends" when those autographs were fake.

My advice when buying: Make sure the person who is selling the autographs has met or has a working relationship with the person they obtained the autograph from. Good sellers of autographs have original photos with themselves and the person of interest recorded in a digital camera. Agents or promoters who work with actors have also been known to sell autographs. Find out if the person selling has worked with celebrities at a convention.

This is the best way to buy an autograph instead of through a website.

You get to see who you are buying from in person.

Reason of review: People need to be educated on how to buy autographs and what to look for when buying autographs. It's actually very easy to spot a fake and very easy to know what to look for when buying an autograph from a dealer. .


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The hobby of collecting autographs has deteriorated to a point it is about to vanish. Unscrupulous sellers and unscrupulous authenticators have basically frightened existing seasoned collectors away from the hobby and in addition have chased the novice collectors by frightening them. Dealers are selling off forgeries that have been authenticated by experts, the authenticators sell their services by scaring the collecting community into think fakes are around every corner

Between 2009 and 2012 , a collector purchased autographs from a well established Autograph auction Firm located in New Hampshire. Those autographs were sent to a third party authentication firm in California, the source of those autographs was not revealed to the authentication firm. The California Authentication firm has a close relationship to the New Hampshire Autograph House. When every item was rejected by the authentication firm, the buyer attempted to return the items for a refund. The refund was refused and instead the Auction house claimed that if they sent it off to the Authentication Firm themselves, they would be successful in getting the authentication and the desired COA(certification of authenticity). This sounds like collusion and there is a current active class action lawsuit against that auction firm. All the owners/employees of this auction firm are UACC(Universal Autograph Collectors Club) Members, and at least one employee sits on the UACC Ethics Board.

At one time autograph organizations in America was something every collector and dealer wanted to be part of. It was nice to be part of an autograph club. It was a way to learn and share your collecting . Autograph shows were a place that collectors could meet other collectors and dealers and they even had celebrities as guest signers.

Today, the UACC is so broken and dysfunctional, that they can not hold shows.

Today,Memberships have dropped more than 50% , the Pen & Quill is gone. They are a low budget organization that has an online site only. The reading material they offer is depressing at best. Dealers bad n mouth one another and Newly Formed Authentication firms advertise their services and its all about making money.

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